Sunday, 16 October 2016

Our Priests: Shepherds of the Lost Sheep

Hi there my name is Mattia, 

I am the second eldest son you probably haven't heard much from me as I haven't really had any special religious experiences that really struck me yet (considering I'm only 14). However today was different. 

This morning I woke up and went to mass to serve and I felt that I wasn't in a worthy state to take communion, so I went up and lined up with the rest of the servers to take communion however when I reached the priest I crossed my arms for a blessing and the priest looked at me strangely and then blessed me. 

After mass I approached him to ask for confession and as we walked into the confessional Father said to me:"Listen we have to have a chat, you cannot just not take communion as it is not good for the body not for the soul, so in future please try and see me before mass and we can quickly do confession, as i don't want you to go on through the week without having taken communion. After you make your confession and say your penance come and see me and i will give you communion".

After he said this I couldn't stop smiling as I could really tell that beyond his job as a priest he really cared for me and my soul which was a first time for me as i had never really felt a priest care for me so much. This really struck me as he really was a shepherd who cared for his flock, and he literally went out of his way to help a lost sheep (me) by doing something that he usually does for hundreds of people just for one person.     

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  1. Great post Mattia! A really good point well made, and you write beautifully. It's so encouraging to hear these experiences from young Catholics like yourself. My children are still very young, but I hope they grow up to take their faith as seriously as you do. Look forward to hearing from you again x