Wednesday, 7 March 2018

March for Life UK 2018! SAVE THE DATE!

YES! This year we march in LONDON on the 5th MAY 2018!!!

Our family will join the march for the second time and we are so happy we won't need to travel as much to get there.

March for Life 2017 was held in Birmingham (which is quite a drive from London), the weather was really terrible, when the march started the rain came down heavy on us, but that did not discourage anyone. What a sight that was: people from all nations peacefully marching together side by side in defence of the unborn. A beautiful witness for us and for our children, who came home full of great questions.

The opposition tried to stop the march several times with some success... but we got through in the end  and as the rain came down even harder on us, we offered our little discomfort for those women and children who have suffered and still suffer the effects of abortion.

Last year's experience has left us full of admiration for the people actively involved in the fight, people in the front line always ready to take upon themselves insults and unfair attacks; mothers, fathers, religious, men, women and young adults courageously standing there to give a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

We feel very honoured that on the 5th May, London will be hosting the march this year and both myself and the older children are hoping the get involved a little bit more. It is the city where we live after all, and like good hosts we feel the need to serve and help as much as we can to facilitate the success of such an important event.

Throughout the morning there will be workshops, live music, a pro life exhibition, opportunities to pray and to meet old and new friends before the March starts. (Click here for more info)

There will be the chance to listened to some great speakers too!

This year's 'March for Life' keynote speakers have lately been announced:

Clare McCullough one of the founders of the Good Counsel Network fighting in the front line of the Pro-life movement for over 20 years.

Noel '
'Noel is Irish born and has spend over 18 years in the NHS where he worked in both psychiatric intensive care and for over 4 years in obstetrics and gynecology surgical theaters assisting in surgical abortions. During his time in mental health he supported more people with post abortion syndrome than postnatal depression and when he made his journey from indifference to pro life he suffered horrendous bullying where he worked as for becoming pro life. His personal testimony is changing minds in the Republic of Ireland where the government are pushing to repeal the 8th amendment and make on demand abortion up to full term.'

As with all big events there is an army of people involved behind the scenes to ensure the day will run smoothly. There are many ways in which each one of us can help in assuring the success of such an important day, here are 3 suggestions:


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Could you organise a coach, mini bus or simply a group to come to this years March for Life? We can help you!
We can tailor posters that advertise your coach, we can give you our official posters and leaflets, there is a pulpit announcement that you can have along with an insert to a newsletter in your parish. We are here to help you. There is a coach page on our website and also a travel info page which has loads of useful information.
Please contact us if you are bringing a group 


2. COME TO THE MARCH, just come along, encourage as many people as you can to attend the march. Share the event among the people that you know. Don't hesitate... come! You will not regret it, come and join us. Let's stand together side by side to witness to the dignity of the unborn.

3. DONATE. Behind every grand event there are also a lot of expenses to face and as we all know not much happens if there isn't money available. People's generosity is always surprising and very moving. No matter how small your contribution is, it will make the difference, so don't be shy... DONATE NOW, organise coffee mornings, table sales... do what you can to support the cause, your reward will be greater in heaven where an unfortunately great number of children will be there to open the gate for us.

We are all really looking forward to this and we hope to see you there too! 


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