Friday, 4 November 2016

The Famolympics {JEI}

Introducing the first JEI (Just Enough Info) weekly link up in collaboration with 'The Zelie Group' where all the members blog about a specific subject.

Sports and Exercise

Growing up, daily exercise was very much part of my life. I was in a volleyball team from the age of 7 for 5 years, then moved on enjoying figure skating for another 3 years and went back to playing volleyball till I was 17, while I was also doing 'high impact aerobics' competitions with my local gym and played a good amount of football... then Pierpaolo came along and let's say he was not the sporty type...

1. What sports do your kids play?

After trying to do what 'REAL' parents do, with my first 3 children, dragging them from one sports club to another and ended up being traumatized by both the parents' competitiveness and the high fees and poor quality of tuition (at least around where I live) ...  Now my children don't practise any after school sport. 

Too much was asked of us, too much commitment for very little results, moreover everything happened on a Sunday, we didn't want to compromise the very precious family time and above all we were not going to sacrifice going to Mass together.   

I tried Krav Maga, Football and swimming with the boys, ballet and cheerleading with Elena.

Of course sports are important and the children do a fair amount of exercise in school. Ettore (16) plays football and enjoys his little jog at the end of a long and stressful day. Mattia (14) plays rugby and enjoys (though I tried to discourage him) a little bit of boxing, he also jogs together with his brother. Elena (11) has just started volleyball in her new school and as for the youngest girls (Lucia, 8 and Virginia, 4) they jump, they roll, the go up and down the stairs... really they do exercise all day!

2. What do you do for exercise?

I am a mother...always on the run isn't that enough exercise? 
But really  I do miss not being able to do the sport I used to, though sacrifices are needed for greater causes.

I did go back to playing Volleyball few years ago but because of the Spanish influence in the family dancing Flamenco has become my favourite form of exercise. 

I have been dancing on and off for about 3 years even while pregnant ... at the moment I am on maternity leave as I am breastfeeding Maria and don't like leaving her behind just yet, but will go back to dancing very soon.

As for Pierpaolo he enjoys watching, rather than playing, football, rugby and his mind and his voice is his preferred type of exercise though he does enjoy a little dance too;).

3. In the Mom Olympics, what would your event be?

Relay race is my forte... I can quickly run from one thing to another ...wake up, get dressed, feed the baby, take the children to school, tidy up, do the washing, fold the washing, feed the baby, do some shopping, check the Catholic Mothers FB Page, feed the baby, collect the children, feed the baby, cook dinner, feed the baby, the list goes on... 

Your turn now...
1. What sports do your kids play?
2. What do you do for exercise?
3. In the Mom Olympics, what would your event be?

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  1. Oooh Flamenco! I have never learned Flamenco. Folklorico, Salsa, Vera Cruz, Step dance, yes, but Flamenco has not been on the docket before. Dreams!
    Still mastering Ballet and East Coast Swing, but why ever settle for one genre? ;)

  2. I so wanted to dance when I was little... but ended up on a different path... Ballet is on my bucket list... ��