Saturday, 20 February 2016

About us

My name is Chiara, I am 38 and I am a 'Cradle Catholic' (and so is my husband!) 
I come from Sicily, a beautiful island in the South of Italy, surrounded by the warm Mediterranean Sea… 
live in London, United Kingdom since 1999. I am married to Pierpaolo (41) half Italian, half Polish born in England, we have 5 children: Ettore (18 years),  Mattia (16), Elena (13), Lucia (10), Virginia (6), Maria (2)... and we are expecting our 7th.
Welcome to our blog where each member of the family will have the opportunity of sharing a bit of their life in the light of the Catholic Faith, with all the joys, problems and worries that we inevitably encounter along our journey on this beautiful Earth ... towards Heaven!


  1. Looking forward to reading more! Didn't know the children would also write, that's a great idea. Can't wait! Maybe post that video they made the other day? Thay way they get a quite accurate introduction, the caracters they play are just what they're like in real life ��

    1. Thanks Zarah! Good Idea! I will have you writing too ... soon

  2. What a lovely blog Chiara congratulations. I can't wait to meet you all, especially cuddles with a newborn girlie xx