Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Blog Really Sucks

Dear Josi Denise,

I recently came across your blog post about how awful and useless 'Mommy Blogs' and mommy bloggers are and yes... I totally identify with what you write.. my blog really sucks! It is not very attractive, the quality of the pictures is not great... I don't write regularly.

You certainly could have used better language to express your feelings, but hey! That's your blog and you write however it pleases you.

I have only just started blogging, I don't really know what I am doing, English is my second language so before publishing anything I have to get my husband to check my unorthodox english, I am not a writer, nor a poet and yet I blog.

You claim nobody is reading my 'rubbish'...but to me the 1 or 2 people that come across my blog are not nobody, they are the whole world and if in any way what I have written will touch them, help them, make them laugh or react in anyway or move them to think, my job is done! 

It is not done for glory (in fact every time I click the publish button I tremble), it is not done for money, it is done to reach other people (even if only one)... In the same way in which I have been inspired by the many mothers who moved by whatever reason constantly invest their precious time in their blog. 

The quality of my writing may not be the highest on the 'market', but it comes from the heart, it talks about us, our experiences and our life... 
and I am sorry but I have to disagree with you when you claim that 'I am not actually happy'! I am afraid I will have to disappoint you by telling you that I am still deeply in love with my husband, our 6 children didn't just happen, they are the fruit of our love which is strengthened day by day by the Faith we firmly practise. We are not perfect and because we know that, we are not afraid nor ashamed to expose ourselves. Our children are not perfect and I don't always cope with everything, but we certainly enjoy life in Christ and live it to the full.

My goal is to tell whoever finds and reads our blog that the happiness we have encountered is not exclusive to us but available to anyone who opens the door to the only One that can give us the fullness of life.

The children are all in bed, my husband is next to me watching TV and while I am writing I still manage to speak to him as well as watch the programme he is following (the privilege  of being a woman and the gift of multi-tasking)... today being my day off (I also have a 'real job' and teach in a primary school as a support teacher), I sent the children to school, cleaned the house, have been 'hanging about' with my youngest all afternoon, I have been shopping to get the last bits for my daughter's first holy communion, visited a dear friend who lost her mother and made some arrangements for the funeral service, fed the family after my oldest boy cooked a quick dinner and here I am... writing a quick post!

I am grateful to all the mothers who waste a bit of their time sharing their little craft ideas and a little slice of their life! I have loved reading them for one reason or another! 

Since I have started this little journey I have met, both virtually and face to face, incredible people, each one of them with a different story to tell, all with different qualities! 

It was great connecting with people who, like us, try to live according to the Gospel with the help of God.

Why should they stop writing if they enjoy it? Reading the many blogs has been cause of great entertainment... so why write such a harsh post to bring people down!

I am sorry if you feel down-hearted and that you wasted your time, but I can guarantee you that someone out there truly enjoyed reading what you had to say ;-)

Cheer up! Life is beautiful!


  1. Yeppers, I can totally relate to this. My blog following is pretty sparse. And, I've thought about quitting many times. But then, I go back to the reason why I blog... to remember these days as a mom, because they go by so fast. And, then I continue. Keep up the great work, my friend!! Love the helmet - btw! That's hilarious! ;)

  2. You are such a doll! Keep doing what you're doing. :) God will have you touch the lives you need to touch.

  3. Keep on writing Catholic 'mommy bloggers'! ❤️❤️ Live according to the Gospel, love and serve your families... love life and when you can write a post 😉!

  4. Be authentic as Christ is authentic!