Thursday, 8 March 2018

Pull Up a Pew #8 Meet Fr Mike Schmitz

A couple of months ago when yet another great YouTube video from Fr Schmitz was shared on the Catholic Mothers' wall I said to myself... 'He is the next on my list! I am going to interview him on behalf of my Mothers group!' 

Although I was sure he'd be too busy I tried. God granted for this to happen through the help of a great friend and thanks to Fr Mike's kindness.

As a mother of two growing boys I always wonder where God will lead them and what He will ask of them as men. I pray for them, as I do for all our children, that they may say Yes to God when he calls and that they may respond positively to whatever plan He has for them.

Our duty as parents is to lay the foundations of our children's Faith so that growing up they will clearly recognise the voice of the Lord and will leave their nets to follow Him to whatever He asks of them.

A phrase that Pope St Pius X said often comes to my mind: 'A vocation comes from the heart of God, but goes through the heart of the mother'.

Whenever we watch and listen to any of Fr Mike's YouTube videos with my children, my sons especially are full of admiration for him, as for me, all I can think of is how blessed his mother must be.

In the Interview below, Fr Mike Schmitz, answers some of the questions our Catholic Mothers from around the world asked him about his own vocation, the role that his family and in particular his mother played in his vocation and much more.

In our virtual conversation I was touched by Fr Mike's openness, humility and willingness to serve a stranger... I'm full of gratitude to Fr Schmitz for taking the time to give me this interview and share his insights on making a home that nurtures the next generation of priests!


  1. I'm saving this as a nap time listen!!! How cool he was open to your invitation.

    1. I was amazed but I think that if the Church really wants vocations to the priesthood we (mothers) have a very important part to play!

  2. WE MUST PRAY UNCEASINGLY for holy devout vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life. We must also encourage, support and give them direction if they feel called to the Priesthood or Religious Life.

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