Monday, 11 April 2016

God has no Grandchildren

We had a problematic Sunday night with one of our children. Parenting involves tailoring everything you do to the particularities of each child. They all have different talents and interests and also different character flaws that as parents we have to try to correct and allow for.

Sometimes as parents we are tempted to search for the magic bullet for every problem. If we can give the right speech, or find the right punishment then he'll see the light and change. If we can just say the right thing then his or her doubts or bad attitude will be gone forever.

Unfortunately it's never like that. We can sometimes successfully deal with the problem at hand but the child's basic character remains. 

What remains a constant source of consolation for every parent is that God has no Grandchildren, he doesn't want that our children's only relationship with Him is mediated through us as parents. God wants our children to be His children, that they can see Him as Father and discover their own relationship with him. All He wants from us is that we give a gentle introduction and then not to hinder that relationship. And even when we think we have failed, or have been a hinderance, God will find a way. He wants a relationship with our children even more than we want one for them!

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