Sunday, 10 April 2016

The End of The Holidays

Another Easter holiday is over, that feeling of sadness and the shadow of the mad routine of 7 weeks ahead is upon me.

Tomorrow we are all back to normal life, early rise for the boys who will need to catch their bus and not so early for the rest of the family who will need to be in school and at work by 8.45.

The holidays seem to have gone by very quickly... in fact too quickly and more over didn't really go as we would have liked to.

On Easter Sunday our youngest woke up feeling ill and looking even worse... after a few days Lucia started and some days later it was the turn of our eldest daughter! 

What I had planned to be a lovely break full of spontaneous outings and activities ended up being a very flat holiday... surrounded by the not so nice sound of coughs and the noise of the TV that was on for most of the day, as the children were too weak to do anything other than lie down.

2 weeks have passed and nothing much has happened... I was lucky enough to spend two days away for a bit of fresh air...

but I really love having the children around and the relaxed atmosphere of the holidays, the irregular hours...the late rise, breakfast between 12 pm to 1.30 pm, lunch between 3 pm and 4 pm...dinner when you fancy and non existent set bedtimes.

I  enjoy seeing how they value their time spent together as siblings and they look out for one another... They do fight and can be unpleasant to each other, but there is a harmony among them that I admire and I never experienced when I was growing up with my two younger siblings. I looked at them and bless the Lord for this gift of motherhood, not always easy, but incredibly precious. 

Yes! It is true, this holiday has been a bit of a let down, but thank God they have each other! The beauty of a larger family is that even if there is nothing exciting happening you will always find someone available to spend time with... and possibly argue with too.

They grow up so fast and every moment spent with them and among them is very precious. Our eldest is almost 16 and the time to leave the nest I am sure is near.

Although it wasn't the greatest holiday there is nothing to complain about... even this year, Christ rose from the dead, we had a beautiful Easter celebration and we had the gift of the family.

The homework has been completed, the summer uniform is ready for tomorrow...

... why worry about tomorrow?

Tomorrow has enough worry of its own and God will give us the strength that we need for what will be before us. And even if the Easter holidays are over the season of Easter continues!


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