Friday, 1 April 2016

One year of Catholic Mothers Facebook Group

About a year ago, I was added by a friend to a local Facebook "mothers' group". It was such a great idea to connect all the Mummies of the area and to have a virtual place where they could share their feelings, ask for practical help, sell or donate their nearly new baby items! I felt at ease for the first month or so... 

It was all great when it came to sell or buy baby goods... but when those lovely mummies started looking for pink trousers for their boys and dinosaur pjs for their girls, hated being  'stay home mums', wanted to connect with other same sex parents and were always posting about how much they needed adult time and despised their husbands, I soon realised  there was something seriously amiss ... I seemed surrounded by a group of women who, despite having accepted the call to motherhood had fallen for every stupid ideology of the world around them.

I felt that maybe this was no place for me, but I decided not to leave, to keep an eye on what is happening in the wider world so as to be ready to face it.

The need of sharing how I REALLY felt about my vocation as a woman, a wife and a mother was very persistent and grew stronger and stronger.

I looked for a local young catholic mothers' group, with no results and finally searched for Catholic Mothers around the globe who were open and not afraid to show the world their happinesses and difficulties, their love and respect for their husbands, women who truly and deeply followed the teaching of Mother Church and drew strength from Her. I found many blogs of women of Faith, all very different and yet very similar in spirit, with the desire to live life to the full with Christ. Truly a new way of bringing the Gospel everywhere and touching people's hearts with the simple (at times not so simple) act of typing. 

As a reaction to the local mums' FB Page I was talking about, I took courage and started a Catholic Mothers group. A group where women could talk openly about their faith , a place where they could freely say that they would rather stay at home and look after their children than have a career. A space where they could say that as wives, we are call to obedience to our husbands, that we should serve them and love them rather than make fun of them and feel superior to them.

I, more than anyone else,needed to know that there were other women out there (other than family and close friends) fighting the good fight. I was sure there were mothers who felt like me and wished they had a bit of support and encouragement from other women walking with Christ.

The Catholic Mothers Facebook group is now growing and it is lovely to see so many of us going in the same direction all across the globe. I feel the support and prayers from this great community of people and I pray for them every night. They are my heroes, they are the ones that made it possible.

Catholic Mothers come in every shape and size, they are homemakers or professionals by choice or necessity, they home-school or do their daily crazy school run, they are main-stream, traditionalist, charismatic... but they share the same hope and all belong to the same Church. 

This post if for you! Thank you for being part of my life and thank you for your support!

We recently had a comment that made it all worthwhile:

I just want to say thank you to *** for introducing me to this group. I feel as though my faith has come on so much since being a part of it. Just seeing the daily posts and everyone sharing their daily activities etc. It has helped me so much to behave like a proper Catholic mother/wife (not that I was anything to be ashamed of before 😉) I just felt as though before this group I was floating a bit, not sure if Catholicism was the right way for me but now I'm 100% and I have all you to thank for that. I definitely still have a long way to go on my journey but at least I now know I'm on the right one. God bless and looking forward to tomorrow. Hope everyone has a lovely Easter Sunday. 

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  1. What a beautiful post. Obviously, you are using your gifts to share Christ's love with others and it is making such a difference! God bless you. :)